Whil, a Rethink division, is an optional behavioral health program that supports caregivers of children with learning, social or behavioral challenges or developmental disabilities.

Services can help caregivers better understand, teach and communicate with children who have autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, intellectual and learning disabilities, speech/language problems or ADD/ADHD.


You're eligible for:

  • 14 hours of consultations via phone or live chat with a dedicated board-certified behavior expert who is a master's or doctoral level clinician. Common consultation topics include:
    • Teaching new skills.
    • Addressing problem behaviors at home.
    • Difficulty with social skills or following instructions.
    • Troubleshooting lack of progress.
    • Collaborating with school and other providers.
  • 24/7 access to behavioral health tools and resources, including:
    • How-to videos depicting behavior experts and educators teaching children skills.
    • On-demand web training.
    • Written lesson plans.
    • Printable materials.


To be eligible to use Whil, you must be a full-time, part-time or PRN employee.

You may invite as many of your family members and other care team members to access Whil as you like. No formal diagnosis is required, there are no age restrictions and Whil is completely confidential. The child does not need to be your dependent. For example, if your nephew has developmental delays and you believe his family could benefit from Whil, you can access Whil and invite his parents as well.


There is no cost to you, your family members or other care team members who use Whil.


For more information, read these FAQs and watch the overview video on the Whil website.

When you're ready to get started, visit and use the code CM.

  • After completing a brief form, you can schedule a consultation with a Whil board certified behavior expert.
  • Access the Whil Benefits App by downloading it from the Apple or Google Play store.

If you have any questions, contact Whil Support at (800) 714-9285 or email