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For the 2024–2025 plan year, our dental plans will not change; however, the PPO Plus Plan has been renamed the High Plan. The MetLife network for all dental plans continues to be called the PDP network (not PDP Plus).

We provide dental coverage through MetLife. You may elect one of the following plans:

  • High Plan
  • Mid Plan
  • Low Plan

All three dental plan choices provide coverage for:


Preventive services (cleanings and X-rays).

Basic services (fillings, tooth extraction, root canals and most gum-related work).

Posterior composite fillings (white fillings on back teeth).

Preventive dental services do not apply to the benefit maximum.

Each plan has an annual maximum benefit, which is the total amount the plan pays for dental care during the plan year. Preventive dental services, such as biannual cleanings, exams and X-rays, do not reduce the annual benefit maximum.

When you use in-network providers, your dentist files the claims for you. (Under Find a Dentist, select PDP from the Select your network dropdown.) When you use out-of-network providers, you may pay more and may have to file your own claims.

Here’s how the plans work:

In-Network Out-of-Network In-Network Out-of-Network In-Network Out-of-Network
$50 employee; $100 family
Maximum benefit (per person, per plan year, excluding orthodontia) $2,000* $1,000* $1,500* $500*
Preventive services** 100% 80% 100% 80% 100% 80%
Basic services
Major services
Not covered
Orthodontia 50%, up to a separate $2,000 lifetime benefit*** 50% up to a separate $1,000 lifetime benefit***
Not covered

* In-network maximum represents the most the plan will pay. If you use an out-of-network provider, the first $500 (Mid Plan) or $1,000 (High Plan) paid by the plan may be paid to an out-of-network provider. If the plan has already paid that amount to any provider, no out-of-network benefit is available.

** Preventive services, such as biannual cleanings, exams and X-rays, do not reduce the annual benefit maximum.

*** You must stay enrolled in the High Plan for the duration of your (or your dependent’s) orthodontic care to receive full orthodontia benefits. For orthodontia claims already in progress prior to your enrollment in the High Plan, claims will be paid on a pro-rated basis up to plan maximums.

Confirm your eligibility and when you can enroll for dental coverage.