Qualified Change in Status Enrollment

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Your benefit elections are effective for the entire plan year, unless you experience a life event, also known as a qualified change in status, that allows you to change your coverage, including:

  • Marriage, divorce or legal separation.
  • Birth, adoption or foster placement of a child.
  • Death.
  • A change in job status (for you or your dependents).
  • A significant change in coverage (for you or your dependents).
  • An approved leave of absence (for you or your dependents).
  • A change in your dependent day care expenses.

To view information about life events, search “Employment status and life event changes” on the Scope.

You have 30 days from the date of the life event to request a change to your benefits. If you do not request the change within 30 days, you won’t be able to change your coverage until Annual Enrollment the following plan year.

To request a change to your benefits, email Benefits@cmh.edu or call the Benefits Team at (816) 234-3200 as soon as you become aware of or experience a life event change. A Benefits Specialist will provide you with the instructions and information you need to make your change.

Any changes you make because of a life event change must be consistent with the life event change. For example, you can request a change from Employee Only to Employee + Spouse coverage if you get married. You cannot switch from one medical, dental or vision plan to another medical, dental or vision plan if you get married.

If you would like to claim a dependent for coverage under the Children’s Mercy benefit plans, you must provide proof that they meet the eligibility requirements within 30 days of the date you request coverage. See eligible dependents for more information.

To comply with Medicare regulations, you must provide Social Security numbers for all dependents you wish to enroll for Children’s Mercy benefits. The enrollment system will prompt you for this information when you enroll. Download the instructions to add dependents.